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Every  Moment  Counts

A note from the Presenter

We have seen how people came together in solidarity to fight against the danger of infections and unnecessary deaths during this COVID-19 pandemic. It was heartening to see how we began to appreciate the frontliners, the cleaners and the delivery communities. We are even grateful to the garbage collectors who came around in the wee hours of the morning while we are still asleep. Unfortunately, it always takes a massive crisis to bring out the best in us, the best in humanity. The ‘best’ being able to see past the facades of race, religion, creed, colour and all of the other superficial measurement tools that we are so used to.

As is always the case, we have the tendency to go back to how we were and fall back into the ‘system’ where the ‘structure’ is ever present and where we would have learnt nothing – thus continuing the race for survival from where it was left off. The divisions will remain and the stress perpetuated. There are few of us who may have experienced a profound shift in mind and behaviour, which will stay ingrained in their consciousness. However, it will take a lot more of us to have that same shift for anything of significance to take place or for that tipping point to occur on a bigger scale.

These Heart Intelligence sessions attempt to contribute to that shift which can only happen if there is enough intensity and energy. The motivation behind the Heart Intelligence program is to trigger our truest value as a human being and what we truly stand for as a human race. The program is to remind us that while we have lots of differences on the outside, we also have some beautiful commonness inside all of us. If more and more people can understand that simple yet profound truth, then there is hope for that shift to happen.

Kumar Nagalingam
Skills Academy

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