Heart Intelligence 2


An Introduction

Everyone wants to be better at something. People just want to be better at whatever they do. That is how we are built. Allow me to introduce to you a way to get better in whatever you do.

The 4 step process        


Now more than ever, the need to pause has become ever more pertinent and vital. A pause in the physical sense is fairly easy and it helps to rest the body. When the body is rested, the mind too shares in the rest. It feels rested and then continues where it left off. There are many times when after a really good game of badminton, the body simply wants to sit or lie somewhere and scream out ‘rest’. I always come out of it feeling good about the workout and the accompanied rest.

The more important ‘pause’, has to however take place in the head. There is an endless stream of thoughts that goes on day and night. It seems to happen even against our own feeble will. It has its own momentum. It bulldozes itself right through. That is the one we need to pause. Sitting under a shady tree and with no one around for miles, the entire place being just simply peaceful and quiet, may be ideal for a great pause. But believe me, it will not happen. There is more to this than finding a quiet spot somewhere far away from people. You see, we carry the world in us. We cannot go anywhere without the world that is already in us.

I will speak more about pause as we go.


An almost perfect pause, will enable you to dive a little deeper in you. There is now an opening in the traffic of thoughts. You can go to the other side. A mirror has the power to reflect back whatever that is placed in front of it. It tells the truth, always. If that is what a reflection is, then it implies that there is a ‘mirror’ in all of us that will always tell us the truth. The quality of your reflection will depend on the quality of your pause.

An analogy may be appropriate now. If you wish to see your face without any distortion in a pond, you will not achieve it, if you first throw a pebble in it. The ripples will not reflect your true face. In fact it will be so distorted that it may even repel you, never to want to see yourself ever again. On the other hand, if you wait until the ripples are gone and the water is still, then it would be the best time to see yourself as clear as you wish. In the same way, our minds is like that pond and if you wish to see its truest value or potential, you must stop throwing pebbles in it. Here I am referring to ‘the pebbles of our thoughts’, for every thought that is produced will cause a massive ripple and that’s just one pebble or in this case, a single thought.


Upon a proper reflection, the next thing that would quite naturally happen is a process of discovery or discoveries. It is really a process of removal…….removal of piles of garbage that we have been swallowing from the time of ……birth, really! It is not about creating a new idea or a great concept. This is not ‘personal development’ or ‘self-improvement’. It has nothing to do with reaching a new goal and reaching for the stars. It is about uncovering, unlayering, unlearning and undoing.  This is about going back to you as you are. What you may find may seem absolutely new, but at the same time all too familiar. It is ancient. It is primordial and yet brand new. It’s a paradox that you will get used to eventually.

Make New Decision

Any form of discovery is a fantastic thing. Nothing fantastic can be left alone. It has to be acted on. A discovery does that to you. It moves you to take action. We make decisions every day, every moment. The unfortunate thing is that almost all our decisions are recycled. What may seem like a brand new decision may still have elements of the past. Hence we keep repeating our past over and over again. History does repeat itself.

The good news is that we do not have to perpetuate the past in any way. Discover the new. In order to discover, we would need to reflect and in order to reflect, we would need to pause. So, begin with pause and everything will inevitably flow from it. That’s just how it works.

One thought on “Heart Intelligence 2

  1. Pause, Reflect, Discover & Make New Decision is something that everyone need in their life. Once we realise it, that we need a change in our life’s but…. some of us don’t know where to start.. this a correct way to do it. Thank you Mr Kumar it’s very briefly & precisely said.

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